Spanning 11 categories, The Armenson Award is conferred primarily upon people who have made significant contributions in well-known areas, or in niche areas and are underrated. The Armenson Award also strives to recognize people who have displayed remarkable courage or resolve in their actions, solved critical challenges, or helped in creating noteworthy changes.

Did you know?

The platinum coated pure silver medallion is 76 mm in diameter. Put in comparison to the 18 carat gold Nobel Prize medal it is 115% larger. Honoree receives Dicitur Honoris along with the medallion.


Nominations open on 7th July. Jurors nominate one person in each of the assigned categories. Voting is carried out in October. Shortlists are created post-voting with nominees receiving top votes. Final decisions are made in early November from the groups of shortlisted nominees. Honorees are notified by 28th November. Banquet events take place in March of the following year.

Did you know?

The illustration on the medallion is of a boy stretching his arm for an eagle to alight. Adain De Od Nes Eos translates to “dawn of a new era” while Te Umanite translates to “to humanity”. 


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